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the podcast teaching English in context so you can learn naturally. An Ideal resource for intermediate or lower-advanced learners on their English journey. Let's learn English!


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Hello, I am Dr. C.

Melissa Cartagena, aka Dr. C, is a TESOL certified English teacher from the United States who has been teaching English online to non-native speakers since 2021. She had her own language journey that showed her the value of comprehensible input while learning a language. Dr. C took Spanish in high school, but could barely even introduce herself even though she received “A’s” in her Spanish classes. After a decade of trying and failing to learn Spanish using expensive software and apps, she decided to find the most effective way to learn a language.

Her search led her to theories of Steve Kaufmann and Stephen Krashen, both of whom argue that comprehensible input, such as listening and reading, as the key to fluency. Comprehensible input and hearing a language in context is how we all learn our first language as children. Using their method, she was able to learn more Spanish in two months than she had in the previous decade. Invigorated by her success, she became certified to teach English and started giving classes online to help others who were on their own language journey.

Melissa Cartagena